Cultivation Street

Ambassador Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of your frequently asked questions

What is Cultivation Street

Cultivation Street is a national campaign to promote community and school gardening

What is the Garden Centre Ambassador Scheme?

The scheme aims to link garden centres with community and school gardening projects in their local area.

How do I get any of my customers involved in your scheme?

You can direct them to the website where they can sign up to the Cultivation Street website and perhaps even enter one of our competition categories

How would a local community or school find me?

We will place your garden centre details on a post code finder on our website. This way local communities and schools can link straight to your details

Are there any incentives to get involved?

We have tied in with our new sponsors, Calliope and will be giving you free products and plants for your communities and schools. You can also enter our competition for Cultivation Street Ambassador of the Year, with a top cash prize of £1,000 – send us your stories or contact the team for more information

Do I get any publicity for my garden centre?

By joining our Campaign you can share stories and advice for communities and schools in lots of different ways – online, on the Cultivation Street website and numerous social media platforms, or perhaps via our national press features in the Sunday Mirror

Who do I send my stories and photos to? Is there a Cultivation Street team who will support me?

We have an in-house team who are very happy to help and support you in any way we can.   If you have a specific question, please feel free to call on 01926 641994 or email


Anything new this year?

Yes!   We have a great new sponsor in Calliope Geraniums who will be supplying us with free plug plants for your schools and communities. There will also be new opportunities to film ‘Ambassador Stories’ live from garden centres and air them online through our Cultivation Street TV, supported by newsletters and social media platforms. Get in touch for more information

Need a little more help?

For help with any queries you may have or to simply contact us please get in touch by any of the links below:


Tel:         01926 641997

Twitter:  @CultivationSt

A full list of terms and conditions can be found on


Community gardens across the UK are not only growing rapidly in numbers but are also doing incredible work, transforming lives as well as the land itself. We would love you to join us now.