Cultivation Street


Our judges will be looking for inspirational projects in the following categories



Front gardens and small spaces

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Community garden or project

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Primary Schools, School gardens, Secondary Schools, Nursery Schools



Garden Centre Ambassador

Entry guidelines

When completing the competition entry forms, there is a limited word count, but you should contemplate the points below.

Depending on the category you are entering you may not be able to tick all the boxes below (i.e.Small spaces category may not have impacted on the community if it is a sole project). But touch on everything it does.

Ø  A variety of good-quality pictures that show

(i)                  The garden/projects best features.

(ii)                The development of the garden over time.

(iii)               People enjoying and working in the garden.

(iv)              Landscape (wide) shots of the garden/different areas


Ø  A clear description of the features, layout, size and timeframe of the garden, e.g. whether it is split into different sections with different purposes, how many raised beds, polytunnels, bee hives, ponds and so on that it has, how long work has been being done on the garden.

Ø  The positive impact that the garden has had on the local community. In particular, whether it has involved
(i) local children (and, if so, how many)
(ii) disadvantaged groups, e.g. ex-addicts, people with disabilities, people with mental health conditions and people affected by poverty.
So too, whether the garden is in a deprived area and whether produce is grown and whether this is freely available to locals, used by local children in some way or gifted to food banks for less advantaged people.


Community gardens across the UK are not only growing rapidly in numbers but are also doing incredible work, transforming lives as well as the land itself. We would love you to join us now.