Garden Centre Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cultivation Street and what will it cost to get involved?

Cultivation Street is a national campaign to promote community and school gardening and there is no cost to you as an Garden Centre.


Do we have to give discounts to the communities or schools?

No, Cultivation Street promotes the garden centres for their quality advice and services. Any discounts are at the garden centre’s discretion, but not expected.


How would a local community or school find me?

Email [email protected] and we will work to pair you with local schools and communities and handshake you with the main contact responsible for their garden. We will also showcase your garden centre details on a postcode finder on the Cultivation Street website.


Can Cultivation Street help me identify the real community projects from someone who’s after freebies?

We would encourage you to ask communities to register their garden details on the Cultivation Street website.  We can then help to grow the relationships for you and share the resulting successes online with you.


Who do I send my stories and photos to? Is there a Cultivation Street team who will support me?

We have a dedicated in-house team to support you and help with any questions you may have.  Contact us at [email protected] or call our dedicated line on 01926 641997.


Do I get any publicity for my garden centre?

YES! We will share your community stories, tips and advice through the Cultivation Street website, newsletters, and various social media platforms - perhaps even via our national press features in The Express.


How can I get my garden centre on Cultivation Street TV?

Send us your videos taken with your phone; tell us about your communities and schools. Film either at the garden centre, or on location and we will edit it here and make your own short film for the Cultivation Street YouTube Channel.


How can I involve my customers in the scheme?

You can direct them to the website where they can sign up to Cultivation Street and perhaps even enter one of our competition categories.


Are there any incentives to get involved?

YES! You can enter our competition for Cultivation Street Garden Centre of the Year, with a top cash prize of £1,000 plus lots of highly commended prizes.

Need a little more help?

If you would like to chat to us about getting involved, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Email:     [email protected]

Tel:         01926 641997