10 Plants for a shady garden

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Место для отдыха в саду / Rest place in the garden

Some people struggle with their gardens getting too much sun exposure, causing them to have less time slots to water. But what about those gardens that spend most of the day in the shade? Don’t let the lack of sun stop you from planting in your garden. You can still grow flowers, fruit, veg and herbs, so here is a selection of our top 10 for your garden.

Rhubarb – this classic crop is pretty low maintenance and will fare well in a shady spot. Although they do need some sun exposure, varieties such as the ‘Victoria’ will grow well in the shade.

Fresh rhubarb stalks harvested and ready for sale at a farmers market.
Fox Glove

Foxglove – as the weather gets hotter, the more shade this plant needs, making it th perfect addition to your shaded space. Plus, they look amazing!!

Kale – this superfood is easy to grow, looks great, tastes delicious and thrives in lightly shaded areas. So why wouldn’t you put this in you veg patch?

A healthy fresh curly kale

Primrose – these colourful beauties bloom in early spring, and should be planted in shaded areas with well-drained soil. Watch as these stunning plants bring colour to your garden throughout summer and autumn.

Beetroot – whilst this kitchen favourite needs to be started in brighter conditions, once growing they’re highly tolerant of shade.

Beetroot in the garden in the fall.The taproot portion of the beet plant, growing in the  vegetable garden.Permaculture, known as the beet, also table beet.
Branch of ripe raspberries in garden. Red sweet berries growing on raspberry bush in fruit garden.

Raspberries – whether you’re eating them fresh, making jams or adding them to your favourite evening tipple, raspberries are a perfect addition to any garden. Most varieties will give a full harvest in a shady spot and are a super low maintenance addition to your garden.

Hesperis – with their beautiful small flowers, Hesperis or ‘sweet rocket’ is a pretty biennial that will bring a sweet fragrance to your garden. It’s happiest growing in a partially shaded border and wont just bring colour to your garden, but wildlife too.

Dame's rocket(Sweet rocket)
Cherry Background.  Sweet organic cherries on market counter

Cherries - the shadier the spot, the sweeter the cherry. These scrumptious fruits don’t need the sun to sweeten and ripen so are perfect for the more sheltered spaces.

Radishes - They are quick to grow, low maintenance and delicious. They grow well in partial shade as the weather warms up. They don’t fare well in hot soil, so a shady spot will make your radishes grow and taste incredible.

Portion of Radishes (selective focus, close-up shot) on wooden background
picking fresh herbs grown on a raised bed on a balcony

Herbs – popular herbs such as parsley, mint and chives all thrive in shady spots. Whether its on a windowsill in your kitchen, or a shaded herb bed in the garden, you can really go all out in variety with herbs. Plus, you can benefit from the heavenly aromas of the herbs!

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