10 quick and easy fixes to transform your garden

Sometimes we just fancy a change. No matter how much you love your house and garden, change is good. It’s refreshing, but sometimes it can be a little expensive. So, we thought we’d give you some quick, easy and budget friendly things to do in your garden to completely transform it.

Small pretty english garden
Garden waste. Brown leaves and rubbish collected from a gardening tidy up. Spade over sacks of garden refuse on a lawn.

Tidy up

First things first… why not have a tidy? Wipe down the garden furniture, pull the weeds from between your slabs and maybe give the patio or decking a spring clean. Something as simple as this can bring a noticeable change to your garden.

Pot up your entrance

Adding two potted plants, be it trees or bushes can really brighten up the entrance to your home. There’s nothing more inviting than a bright container by the front door.

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Hanging basket filled with petunia flowers in a garden in south Wales, UK

Re do your hanging baskets

Brighten up your baskets by planting some geraniums or lobelia. A new burst of colour can really change the dynamic of your garden and won’t cost you a fortune.

Patch up your lawn

If your lawn is looking a bit patchy, gently fork over the soil and sow some grass seed. The fresh look of grass will really change the tone of your garden, making it feel bright and new. Look at the lawn care range on lovethegarden.com to find the right product for your needs.

Wildflower garden with paved path leading to gazebo and blooming daisies

Sow some wildflowers

Wildflower seed mixes are cheap and easy. If you’ve got an untouched area that you want to spruce up, try scattering some seeds and watching an amazing meadow grow. The pollinators will love it too.

Make a pot display

Have a rearrange and move your pots and containers around to reate a display in your garden. If you have some stairs, you could line them with your pots, or if you have an empty wall, line it with plenty of colour.

Geranium pots
Romantic sitting area in the rose garden, round wooden table and chairs near the large flowering bushes of English roses.

Seating area

If you’ve got a table and chairs that’s still under the cover, or in the shed, get it out and put it to use. Making a seating area in your garden will encourage you to spend more time outside and is always a welcomed addition. Cut some fresh flowers, light some candles and enjoy your garden space.

Grow a climber

If you’ve got a bare fence or wall, adding a trellis and a climbing plant is a cost-effective way to change the look of your garden. It won’t grow overnight but give it a few weeks to notice the difference. With tonnes of options you can choose to grow food or flowers.

Nice purple clematis in the garden
Preparation for dinner with cheese, red wine in the evening

Add some lighting

Like the outdoor seating why not add some solar powered lighting round your garden, whether its up a pathway or some fairy lights on your fence, night-time lighting can really add something special to your space.

Just move

No not house, move your plants! If you’ve got large perennials or shrubs why not move them to a better spot if they aren’t performing the way you’d like. This will help them flourish but also change the look of your garden without costing you a penny.

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