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We are always talking to our communities, schools and ambassadors about the importance of taking great photos to document their journey. In relation to our annual competition photos are a great feature of our judging packs, providing a wealth of inspirational imagery. Our judges are often moved by the hard work and sense of togetherness that these images convey.

Nothing illustrates a garden transformation like 'Before and After' photos. So many communities we speak to say that they wish that they had documented the process with images. And those that did talk of how rewarding it is to look back at them, to see how far they have come!

Take a look at these AMAZING before and after examples from our Schools, Communities & Ambassadors...

St Martin’s Secret Garden

Ambassador- Patrick Loughrey, Sunshine Gardens London


Garden Before


Garden After


Community Garden - Allotment Angels





Shoulder 2 Soldier

Community Garden


S2S people carrying pipe2


S2S garden at dusk2

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Cultivation Street blog, the importance of taking before and after photos to record your garden's journey and support your competition entry

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