Creating a wildflower meadow

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There is something spectacular about going for a walk and stumbling across a wildflower meadow. Despite there being no structure to its growth, everything seems to fall perfectly into place to create a magical site. So why not transform a corner of your garden into a delightful wildflower meadow?

Fresh start

Wildflowers like to grow in spaces that have yet to be cultivated. So, they will love a fresh patch that hasn’t been touched yet, or one that you haven’t tended to for a while, in these spots your meadow will thrive.

Soil in hand for planting
Photo of gloved woman hand holding weed and tool removing it from soil

Not sow fast

Before you start to sow your seeds, you need to make sure your area is prepped properly to get the most out of your growth. Make sure the space has a good weeding beforehand, once you’ve got all those pesky weeds, dig over the soil and make sure to firm it down before raking it smooth.

Pick and Mix

Ready-made wildflower meadow mixes are available to buy, you can get them to specifically suit your garden soil, with a mixture of plant types including annuals and perennials. There are an array of options of colour combinations, which you will be able to see before you purchase. The other option is to buy the individual packets and mix them yourself depending on your preference.

Blumenwiese - Hintergrund Blumen Wiese Wildblumen
Man sows a handful of grass seeds by scattering them around.

Grow wild

Now it’s time to grow. You will need around 1g of seeds per square metre of space. Scatter the seeds by hand, and rake in lightly. Once this is done make sure you water thoroughly and ensure that the soil remains moist and warm whilst they germinate. It’s really important the area doesn’t dry out as it can stop the growth.

Waiting game

It takes around 14-21 days for the seeds to germinate so you’ll have your dream wildflower meadow in now time.

Wildflower garden with paved path leading to gazebo and blooming daisies
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