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Cultivation Street’s top cutting flowers you can grow at home

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Wouldn’t it be simply wonderful to pick beautiful bouquets from your own community garden? In light, sunny areas of the garden, why not create your very own cutting garden full of your favourite perennial flowers, grasses or herbs. Perfect for giving as gifts, centre pieces for any occasions and for adding stunning colours, decorations and fragrances to your home!

Start by deciding what your favourite ‘cutting plants’ are and make sure you sow or plant lots of them. Picking your flowers here and there from borders, pots or containers that are already full and overflowing will make sure they are not missed.

Here’s our best picks of cutting plants and if you’re extra careful and take note of their flowering periods, you’ll be able to pick and enjoy freshly home-grown decorations all year round!

Flowering period: May – June

Peony Paeonia

Peonies are available in a rainbow of colours ranging from whites, bright reds, pinks and even sunshine yellow! They’ll be sure to pop with a burst of colour and happiness amongst an array of foliage. Locate your peonies in a well light area as they love the sunshine and will more than likely flourish in most soil types. Remember to support the flowers with stakes as the flowers are heavy being packed full of petals they can easily droop.

Baby’s Breath Gypsophila 

This delicate perennial flower may fool us all, it is in fact quite hardy and is easy to grow. The little white or pink rosettes will look stunning and hold their own as a centre piece for any occasion.

Flowering period: June – July


Grow them in well drained, fertile soil in full sun. In high winds these blue beauties will need to be staked well to prevent any damage caused.

Looking for that cottage garden style? Well delphiniums along with some tall grasses, perhaps hollyhock and sunflowers would take pride of place at a garden party.

Support delphinums with bamboo to prevent them from wilting and falling over as they can grow very tall.

Purpletop Vervain Verbena

Not only are they perfect for attracting bees and other beneficial insects, it’s purple, delicate, cluster like flowers can add subtle splashes of colour peppered throughout any bouquet.

Flowering period: July – August


Providing colour combinations of pink, red, deep purples, yellow and white. It’s an annual which can be grown from seed each year. The star-shaped flowers are lightly scented and will be a real show stopped bunched together. They look beautiful and really make a statement whilst remaining soft and pretty.

Flowering period: July – September

Mountain Fleeceflower Persicaria

Flowering period: July – October

Coneflower Echinacea

Some say these reflect giant inverted daises. They have distinctive pale purple or pink petals that droop like an upturned umbrella. Don’t worry, they aren’t wilting or dying this is perfectly normal and you’ll find they still look brilliant.

Fountain Grass Pennisetum

People sometimes associate grasses with being quite dull and are used to fill out borders or bouquets. However this sun loving fountain grass is truly lovely, it has thin delicate upright leaves with feathery pink flowers. They can add a beautiful soft finish or touch to your centre piece or garden.

Tips for making your cut flowers last longer…

  • Cut your flower stems at an angle.

  • Strip any foliage from the stems that sits below the water level.

  • Ensure you always start with a clean vase.

  • Position your vase away from heat, direct sunlight and draughts.

  • Keep your flowers away from fruit bowls as this can reduce their life span.

  • Maintenance is key. Remove fading or dead blooms and give them fresh water every few days.

Enter your fantastic garden project into Cultivation Street!

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