Job of the Week – Plant up your Fruit Bushes

Job of the Week

Plant up your Fruit Bushes

planting strawberries in the garden - hands holding a seedling, watering can and shovel in the background

If you were looking to make fresh fruit pies or jams and jellies this year, February is a great time to plant up your fruit bushes. In fact, you can do this any time between November and March, when the plants are dormant.

Pick a sunny spot such as a bed or border with plenty of open space. Soak the roots of the tree in a bucket of water for around 30-45 minutes.


Farmer planting young blueberry bush in garden. Planting of seedlings.

Dig a hole that’s deep enough to allow for the roots, some manure, and some compost. Simply plant the bush and fill the space around the plant firming the earth and adding a small amount of mulch around the base. Water them in well and let them settle into their new position.

Remember we aren’t the only ones that love fresh fruit, so make sure your bush is protected with a cage or mesh to stop the birds nibbling on your berries. If this is your first time growing fruit bushes, don’t worry they are quite low maintenance and tend to only require pruning once a year.

Time to Harvest

Fresh green curly kale leaves on a wooden table. selective focus. rustic style. healthy vegetarian food

Kale is a vitamin filled green that brings so many benefits when added to our diet – it’s also a pretty easy green to grow. In February, you should be seeing your kale ready to harvest. Start by harvesting the older and larger leaves at the bottom of the stalk. Ensure you take the leaf and the stem, this will allow good growth over many seasons. Leave the centre area at the top of the stem so the plant can continue producing goodness that you can use in the kitchen.

A healthy fresh curly kale

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