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Job of the Week

Tidy and prepare you Garden for the Year

wheelbarrow with garden waste

Whilst your garden lies mostly dormant at this time of year, it’s the perfect time to tidy your space and get prepared for the growing season ahead. Look around your garden and see what needs to be done.

Seasonal raking of leaves in the garden. Concept of cleaning and caring for the garden. Man rakes withered and colorful leaves in the garden. Autumn cleaning before winter, spring cleaning garden.

Clear your paths, patio, raised beds and any seating areas of soggy leaves, algae, and moss. Safely check your gutters to ensure they’re not clogged with fallen leaves or other debris. Trim back your ivy or any other climbers that may have outgrown their space.

Log store standing against a garden shed

You can use this time to organise and clean your greenhouse or shed. Clean off any winter debris from the exterior and have a clear out inside too. If you have any empty containers give them a clean too to get them ready for your spring planting.

Prepared gloves and a spatula with fertilizer. Fertilizing shrubs in early spring before vegetation.

Finally, once the tidying is done, sprinkle some all-purpose fertiliser under your hedges and shrubs so they’re fed before the spring, ready to flower.

Time to Harvest

cabbage garden, fresh cabbage and parsley grow in farm, Thailand

If you planted out your winter cabbages in July now is the perfect time to harvest them. Between November and March you will notice these hardy ball headed veg will be ready for you to pick. Use a sharp knife to cut through the stem and cut a 1cm cross in the stump to get a second crop of smaller cabbages.

green savoy cabbage, a healthy winter vegetable in dramatic light on dark and moody rustic wood with copy space, selected focus

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