Job of the Week – Sow your Summer borders

Job of the Week

Sow your Summer borders

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If you want that burst of colour in the summer, it’s time to start thinking about sowing your choice of border blooms in your greenhouse. Getting a head-start now means they will be ready to flower in early June. This is perfect timing for once your spring blooms may begin to wilt.

Prepare your trays and label them so you know which plants are which. If you took part in our activity of the week at the start of January, you may have already planned your garden, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to fill your garden colour and texture.

Patio flower display

When sowing in trays, ensure you don’t overload each cell with seeds, just a pinch of seed is fine. Cover with vermiculite and water, then make sure it’s in a warm spot in your greenhouse. Once the seeds have sprouted at least two pairs of leaves, transplant each seedling into individual pots filled with compost.

Water these well and once all chances of frost have gone, move them to a cold frame or patio during the day, but bring them in at night. Once you’ve done that for about a week, they will have gradually acclimatised and they will be ready to plant out.

Time to Harvest

Bunch of fresh green broccoli in brown bowl over wooden background

Broccoli can be ready around 12 weeks after sowing, but this will depend on the type you have planted. You’ll be able to tell because it has a head which should be firm, and the florets on the outside of the head are the same size as the head itself. The best time to harvest is in the morning before the soil warms up as it’s said to get the best flavour of the crop. Make sure you leave around 2-3 inches of the main stem on the plant. Cut it with sharp scissors or a knife to avoid potentially damaging the stem.

Group of fresh broccoli close up.

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