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Ryhall C E Academy

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The gardening club is called The Eco Warriors. Then we have a Spring/Summer club called Eco Minis and 2 Y6 Eco leaders.
Combined, these clubs carry out most of the eco gardening work.

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We have grown to be eco champions!

We have gone a long way with the knowledge and resources that we have available. We started off thinking small, aiming for the Bronze Eco Award as our first marker. As that became achievable, we worked to the Silver standard.  Now, we have an ambition to become a beacon of excellent practice in everything Eco – aiming for School Green Flag status. We’ve grown from a keen of interested gardeners to a committed group who champion eco-work across the school.

The garden isn't the only thing growing!

It is fantastic to see the children grow and take their knowledge on and share it with the younger children.  Our Yr 6 Eco Leaders have been Eco Warriors for a number of years now, and it is great to see them taking the lead as well as the necessary responsibility.  A recent Eco Awareness day was met with great enthusiasm resulting in lots of ideas being generated for us to do back at school – the children are already planning for their next whole school Eco Morning.

Tell us about a fun project...
Our Eco Warriors carried out an environmental review of our school grounds and with the Head Teacher and with a whole school vote, the project we carried out was to replace the old split pond with a new one.  Over several months, the Eco Warriors (during club time) removed the old pond, weeded and cleared the area, and replaced and levelled the new pond, which was then filled with rainwater.  Year1 children, had made a mini bug hotel then decided to place that next to the pond.  We have just added some donated frogspawn to it, and now have tadpoles.

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The Eco Warriors Top Tip
Grow and replant things to sell at a plant sale. You can ask for donations from families who may grow things and have spares. Funds raised can then be put to furthering the green activities.



Community gardens across the UK are not only growing rapidly in numbers but are also doing incredible work, transforming lives as well as the land itself. We would love you to join us now.

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