Sow Your Own – Onions

Sow Your Own


close-up of growing green onion in the vegetable garden

Onions are a staple in many dishes, and can be grown from seeds, but are usually grown by ‘sets’ because it is an easier method. However, if you are up for the challenge they can be sown and grown from seed.

Sow seeds indoors as early as January so they have time to grow and be planted outdoors in spring. They can be sown in small pots or trays and when they have grown to around 3 inches tall they can be planted out into a larger container with good quality compost. The seedlings can then be transplanted to the garden to grow on.

Freshly dug onion bulbs on the ground

Choose an open and sunny site with well drained soil. Onions don’t grow as well in acidic soil so check the pH level before sowing.

Add two buckets of organic matter or garden compost across your planting area which will help provide nutrients, as onions have a limited root system this is a must for a successful crop. Water every 10-14 days, or more when there are long, dry spells. With care, you can expect your crop ready in summer and autumn.

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