St Peter’s Garden

St Peter’s Garden group was formed in 2008, to provide gardening activities for the parish of St Peter’s Church, residents, children and vulnerable people in the community.

About the garden

In 2008, the area around St Peter’s Church was completely overgrown. After deciding that the area should be turned into a community garden, volunteers set about removing a vast amount of litter and debris from the area. The garden is now designed as a series of interconnected rooms. It features a meadow with Welsh heritage fruit trees, raised beds for fruits, vegetables and herbs, a quiet garden with a rose arch, a patio lawn for groups and families and a pond complete with its own ecosystem. They have recently installed a new greenhouse and acquired two bee hives. It is often referred to as ‘the secret garden’ due to its sheltered location.


Impact on the community

The garden is used by many people, including children and families who attend monthly family gardening days. The garden is also used by the local Head Injuries Unit from the nearby hospital, with carers taking their patients to the garden as part of their therapy. The group also welcomes vulnerable adults who come with their carers to work alongside volunteers. The group also works closely with a nearby primary school, enabling the children to learn a great deal about gardening and wildlife. People with mental health issues and other problems use the garden as a way of tackling their problems in a productive manner.



“Our secret garden is unique. It is a tranquil and peaceful place, and a place of healing. Throughout the seasons there is always something to enjoy and it is a haven for bird watchers and entomologists alike. Our volunteers could not imagine life without the gardens (especially as they get to take produce home with them), our visitors are enchanted by the unexpectedness of the gardens and the local school children love having a nature reserve all to themselves. It truly is an oasis in the city.”

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