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Cath Fletcher, member of Welsh House Farm Green Grafters

Within our Cultivation Street network there are individuals with amazing knowledge both about gardening and running community gardens. They understand first-hand the needs of organisations and can tailor their advice to this. Our tips for the month is written by Cath from Welsh House Farm Green Grafters community gardening group. Cath not only has endless enthusiasm, but also a wealth of community experience and horticulture qualifications. You can read more about Cath and the amazing work she does HERE>>


The Easter holidays are a great opportunity for themed activities and events if your group is in the position to organise these. Otherwise, it can be a good time to see what is happening elsewhere and enjoy some trips to visit other gardens and community groups.

Cultivation Street Tips for March, themed activities


Cultivation Street Tips for March, maintenance including raised beds

Planting really begins in earnest at this time of year, so there are plenty of active jobs to do to get ready, such as soil preparation for seed sowing, making plant supports, and any last maintenance on structures such as raised beds.

Cultivation Street Tips for March, planting plug plants

If time and/or space are an issue for starting plants from seed (or if you realise you've missed something from your wish-list) then another option is to use plug-plants. These are available in different sizes and the larger ones can be planted straight out.


A good one for children's garden groups (but still suitable for those just with big kids!) is to have a sunflower growing competition. Start them all off at the same time by having a big planting session and decide on the finish date for growers to aim for. This is a great thing to do year on year as the seeds can be saved from each year's flowers ready for the following year.

Cultivation Street Tips for March, sunflower competition


Cultivation Street Tips for March, keep planting well labelled

With things getting busier in the garden, make sure all plants are well labelled with what is growing (and whose it is if required). Get creative and use recycled materials where possible, and get artistic and colourful too!

Cultivation Street tips for the month of April, plans for you and your garden in April including Easter activities and planting

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