Top 5 Air Purifying House Plants

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With spending a lot of time in your home or your garden, you may be looking to see which best houseplants can brighten your living room or add some character to your kitchen. Here are some great plants for your home that won’t just make your inside space look better but could help you feel better too.

Spider Plant

The Chlorophytum (spider plant) is known as one of the easiest houseplants to grow and take care of. They are extremely adaptable and can grow in various different conditions and have very few problems other than the occasional brown tips. Not only is the beautiful plant low maintenance but it is one of the best plants to purify your air. Whilst looking pretty, your spider plant will also be tackling toxins especially things like Formaldehyde, which is found in common household products like grout. So maybe consider keeping these plants in the kitchen or bathroom—it is also one of the non-toxic plants for pets.

Chlorophytum comosum (also known spider plant, airplane plant, St. Bernard's lily, spider ivy, ribbon plant, and hen and chickens) in a pot on the wooden fence background
A pot of a pease lily houseplant on a dining table

Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum, commonly known as peace lily, is quite simply beautiful, low maintenance and a natural dehumidifier for your home. These plants like the shade and not so well-lit rooms, so are a great fit for your bedroom or office. With its beautiful white flowers, the moisture given off from these beautiful blooms is said to reduce the humidity in your home by up to 5%. This will help reduce any dry noses or throats and help you sleep more peacefully.

Snake Plant

Sanseveria (snake plant), or , is another low maintenance in toxin buster. Even if you forgot to water this beauty for a few weeks, its resilient roots and strong leaves still leave the plant looking just as fresh as when you last watered it. It has also proven to be one of the best plants to have in your home to help filter things like Xylene, which can be found in common household sprays and other products.  It also releases oxygen at night, helping your breathing whilst you sleep.

Sansevieria plant in pot on white table
Green lady palm or Bamboo with shadow on brown floor rough (Rhapis exclesa, PLAMAE)

Broad Lady Palm

Rhapis Excelsa (bamboo palm) originate from China and are another easy-care plant for your home. These plants are perfect for your home as they thrive in shade and don’t require religious watering as can survive some dry phases. They are also one of the best house plants to help reduce levels of ammonia, which can be found in various cleaning products used around your home. Not only does this plant produce oxygen it reduces carbon dioxide making your homes air cleaner and safer to breathe.

Barberton Daisy

Otherwise known as gerbera daisy, this is a bright coloured houseplant that can flower any time of the year. They’re simple to look after and require sunlight, so are perfect for your well-lit areas like your living room or a kitchen windowsill. This beautiful addition to your home, not only brightens up a room but is one of the best houseplants for cleansing toxins, such as Benzene, which is commonly found in paints and detergents.

red gerbera daisy plant with flowers in bloom on wooden laminate flooring
potted plants

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