4 Things you can do in your garden when the weather warms up

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This week is Sun Awareness week, so with the weather getting warmer and the sun shining daily, we thought we’d give you 4 things you can do to protect you and your garden

Look after you.

SUNCREAM SUNCREAM SUNCREAM. With the British summer always seemingly creeping up on us every year sometimes we aren’t prepared for this glorious weather. When see the sun and feel the heat we instantly get ourselves outside and take comfort in the garden for the day. I’m sure we’ve all fallen guilty of not preparing for the sun as well as we should have, coming inside looking toastier than we did in the morning, so make sure you’re prepared. It’s easy to not feel the heat of the sun with the good old British breeze.

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Watering… DON’T PANIC

It’s very easy to start to panic when the weather gets warmer that everything needs to be watered all day everyday to make sure it doesn’t dry out or die. So before you set your sprinkler for an all day session, remember that even if your grass were to turn brown, it will bounce back. Timing of your watering is also very important. Just because it’s the warmest part of the day, doesn’t mean that’s the best time to water your plants. Water them in the morning and evenings only, when the sun shines on water it can actually burn your plants.

Lay off the Digging.

As the temperature rises, drop the spade! Try not to over dig in warm weather, this will limit loss of moisture in your surface soil when your plants are already struggling to get enough water. It also reduces the amount of weeds that may pop up as you won’t be potentially bringing any dormant weed seeds to the surface.

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Thank you very Mulch

Applying 3 or 4 inches of compost, grass clippings or woodchips to the top of your soil, helps keep the soil cool and locks moisture in and has been said to reduce soil moisture loss by up to 70%. This practice is especially beneficial for root crops such as potatoes and tomatoes that grow better with cooler soil temperatures.

We hope this has helped you prepare your garden for the summer. For more gardening tips and advice visit our Free Resources page by clicking the link below.

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