6 Sun loving Plants

Low Angle View Of Bright Sunshine In Sky

When the weather warms up in the summer, and we have a consistent amount of sun and no rain, it’s easy to start panicking about whether or not your garden will look more like the desert than the botanical gardens. Honestly, DON’T PANIC!

summer private garden with blooming Hydrangea Annabelle. Curvy lawn edge, beautiful pathway. Landscape design in English cottage style.

There may be some of you who have what we like to call a ‘suntrap’ garden. This is where the sun is directly over it for most of the day with very minimal parts of your garden getting shade. For some garden owners this can cause concern when it comes to the health of their plants during those heatwave months.

Sunflower on a meadow in the light of the setting sun

If you keep your plants watered as much as possible (and is responsible during a long drought period) your plants should be able to stay healthy and vibrant. If like previously stated, you have a garden where there is a huge lack of shade. These 6 plants are full sun loving blooms so will take the stress out of whether they’re getting enough shade and will ensure a colourful summer garden.


flowering dahlia in the garden


Thickets of river grass. sedge, grass by the river. Manifold of herbs and flowers near spring water among stones.

Shasta Daisy

Shasta daisies blooming in park;  Ketchikan, Alaska


Marigold flowers


Close-up Of Purple Petunias Blooming Outdoors


Begonia Elatior Borias is a delightful houseplant. This Begonia has a soft pink flower with a red centre. It maintains very well in the summer and reasonably in the winter
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