Bird Feeder – Activity of the Week – How to make your own

Activity of the Week

Make your own Bird feeder


Now is the time to be thinking about helping out our feathered friends and putting some food out for the birds. If you don’t have a bird feeder, look no further because we can help you make your own.




What you need

plastic water bottles isolated on white background with clipping path Twigs, set macro dry branches birch isolated on white background Top view of natural jute twine skein isolated on white Winterstreufutter Pair of Red Scissors Open Isolated on White.

Plastic Bottle



Bird seed


Then, follow these instructions and in no time, you’ll have a bird-feeder that visitors to your garden can enjoy.

  • Get a used plastic bottle – preferably one that’s clear, so the birds can see the seed.
  • Take a pair of scissors and make two holes opposite each other on the neck of the bottle just under the bottle top, where you will spread the string to hang the feeder.
  • Then, cut 3-4 oval shape holes in the feeder around the top, don’t make them too big (the maximum size should be no bigger than a 1p coin).
  • Around 3 inches below the holes, cut another small hole where you will push in the sticks for the birds to perch. The sticks should be tightly in there so don’t measure the radius, instead force the sticks in.
  • Then fill the bottle with bird seed. Some may fall out the holes but that fine, the birds will pick it off the ground.
  • Then once you’re done, hang the bottle on a tree, bush or anywhere you can in your garden.

Keep an eye on your bird feeder and try to identify the birds that visit.

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