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Plant a Rose for Valentines Day

Image of agronomist planting red roses in garden on summer day

We mostly associate roses with Valentines day, especially red ones. So, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, rather than buying a bouquet, look to buy and plant up a rose to mark the occasion in your garden.

"Cinco de Mayo" rose blooms in a mulched flower bed

Now is the perfect time to plant up a bare root and containerised roses. Ideally, they need to be planted into the ground as soon as you get them home. The soil needs to be neither frozen nor too dry so make sure the conditions are right.

Woman gardener transplanting roses flowers from pot into wet soil after watering it with watering can. Summer garden work.

When planting, make sure you apply some well-rotted organic matter in the area you wish to plant it. Dig a hole that is twice the width of the plants roots and the depth should be as deep as the spade’s blade. Place the rose in the centre and fill gently with the excavated soil. Make sure you water well and feed with general or rose specific feed in the spring.

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