Edible Flowers

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Over the past few years, you may have noticed that edible flowers are making an appearance. They have become a popular decoration and garnishes on food dishes and cocktails.

There’s nothing more surprising than being told you can eat a beautiful bloom that arrives on your plate. So, why don't you add an extra special garnish to your summer drinks? You can spruce up your dinner with a Michelin star appearance too!

We’re here to let you know how to grow your own edible flowers and where to put what.

Courgette Flowers

You’re probably not used to buying your courgettes with a big beautiful flower on the end.

The flower is a sign of youth in the courgette. Therefore, the courgette won't be it's usual large size.

In addition, why not stuff the courgette with cheese, herbs, and meat to make the perfect hearty dish.

Homemade and tasty roasted zucchini flower served with salt
Low angled shot of avocado rye toast on beetroot hummus with edible purple pansy flowers, micro greens and nigella seeds or onion seeds, on marble background. soft focused background


Surprising to some, pansies are an edible flower.

Pansies are found decoratively topped on a salad, or in addition, sweetened and added in a dessert. Moreover, they are definitely the most eye-catching flower to add to your meal.

Their bold, bright colours make them a beautiful addition to your garden… and then your plate.


These leaves are peppery-flavoured beauties and are found mainly in salads as a fun garnish.

They can be spotted in different shades, such as oranges and reds. This makes them the perfect garden flower to brighten up your bowl.

Both the leaves and the flowers are edible. They are best served with savoury dishes, and are a great pop of colour.

Fresh summer salad with edible flowers nasturtium, borage flowers in a bowl.
Tasty refreshing lemon drink with roses on light grey table


Roses are well known for their perfume, but rose petals are also found adorning your summer cocktails.

When added to a lemonade or a gin and tonic, it makes the drink look that little bit more special and sophisticated. Not only that, Roses add that extra bit of flavour.

It’s recommended to add a petal at a time to reach your ideal taste.

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