Activity of the Week – Start a Compost Heap

Activity of the Week

Start a Compost Heap

Small outdoor composting bin for recycling kitchen and garden organic waste

Compost heaps are great for the environment, they are a great way to recycle your green waste and cuttings. After time, you’ll be rewarded with soil conditioner for garden so it’s also a great way to save money on your compost bill. You can compost all year round; it’s not a seasonal job and simple to get started.

Firstly, pick a space in your garden that isn’t subjected to extreme weather, for example, if you know that one corner of your garden gets all the sun in the summer, don’t start it there, just as if there is a space that floods or has water build up, avoid that area too. Ideally your spot will be somewhere which has 70% shade during the day.

Ecology compost supply - kitchen waste recycling in backyard composter. The man throws leftover vegetables from the cutting board. Environmentally friendly lifestyle.

For the compost bin, you can use a storage container, wooden crate, or make your own by making a square with wood panels. Your compost heap will do better if it has an earth base, so building it on soil is the best way to compost successfully. A bin will allow the compost to develop quicker as it retains heat, however an open compost heap will eventually compost if it is able to retain warmth, let in air and drain well.

Organic compost in the permaculture farm  - sustainable gardening  - food forest production.

So, compost away! Try and make around 50% of your compost up with what’s known as green materials, such as grass clippings, kitchen waste (vegetables) and the pesky weeds you have to keep pulling. The rest should be brown material including paper, wood cuttings, cardboard, and dead leaves.

This isn’t a quick process, it can take from three months up to a year for your compost to be ready, but it is definitely one that will benefit your garden.

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