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Cultivation Street is a national campaign to promote and support Britain’s community gardeners, schools and neighbourhood gardens. The campaign was launched five years ago and has now grown to include a database of over a thousand of the UK’s garden projects. It contains a range of strong communities who are encouraging, talking and sharing their advice and guidance.

There are lots of different garden designs and spaces all over the country. Maybe your struggling with the design of your garden or are you looking at starting a garden project. Here are five great stories taken from a selection of different 2017 entries, that will help inspire you.

Standish lower ground St. Anne’s C.E. Primary School garden

We started our garden in 2009 with six weed ridden, empty flower beds. The St. Anne’s children have tried to develop a sustainable garden in which the entire school can relax in, use as a place of learning and as a place of tranquillity or prayer.

We have developed an outdoor learning area that encourages pupils to grow their own food to promote healthy eating and take care of local wildlife, with our wildflower meadow and small pond. We grew lots of vegetables and fruits last year including broccoli, cherries, blueberries and lots more. The garden is a very important part of the school’s campaign about being healthy whilst providing the pupils with the knowledge of where food comes from. 

The children are even reaching out to the community. This year they have planted flower beds at the local bus stop and at the front of our school using money provided by local councillors. We are proud to have pupils working together with adults for the common good, encouraging a sense of pride, ownership and responsibility, not only for the school but for the local area and the world we live in.

Littleton School Garden

We started our garden in 2015 and this year we have very big and exciting plans. Our aim is to create a small world area which includes a Dinosaur garden. Plans are now well under way and we are preparing the garden ready to start work on the 15th of March. We want to concentrate mainly on growing vegetables along with six flower tubs. Our winter sweet peas, leeks, spinach and cornflower plants are all doing nicely in pots in our greenhouse.

We’re in contact with a local garden nursery who have been great! They have donated 35 packets of seeds, bags of compost and horse manure. We are even collecting and utilising the free seed packets from magazines! So far, we have cleared nettles, weeds and have made room for different plots. The children have even made mountains and volcanoes which will be our feature in the Dinosaur garden! Our plans are to have climbing flowers or herbs as a backdrop to the garden, giving it a jungle feel, a sand area as our desert and potentially even a small pond or watering hole!

Incredible Edible Dunstable community garden

Our project has been running since 2013. It has become a beacon of light and a little piece of Eden for so many people. We took a huge leap of faith and took on the site because the council no longer cared for it. Currently, we have about 20 volunteers that help out and this year we would love to attract more children to the garden. We will be organising a series of events this year including an Easter egg hunt and we will having our third Big Lunch with our neighbours. 

Friends of Ally Pally Station

In 2016 we asked local residents and businesses to come along to Alexandra Palace Station for one day in June. They were invited to bring a plant of any kind, with a promise to look after it. Many of our planters were donated, sponsored or handmade. Every garden tidy up we have done so far has proven that everyone dedicated to the project and is taking care of their own plants!

Our spring bulbs are starting to push through and they look fabulous! We’re not resting on our laurels- it looks lovely but we want to do even more. Alexandra Park have given us felled tree trunks that we are carving into new planters and local schools will be involved in stencilling a new design on the station bridge. We love it as it belongs to everyone – the local deli sponsored our herb garden, a school planted our bay tree, the dry cleaners gave us a pot plant and our local pub is helping us plant climbers for the shelters! We’re now planning a living wall using recycled pallets!

Alexandra Palace has long been known as ‘The People’s Palace’ and we’re creating ‘The People’s Station’.

Ramridge Primary School Garden

We run a school garden club every lunchtime for all year groups across the school. It began six years ago when we had an area of grass and paving turned into a purpose built school garden. I (Claire Armstrong) joined the school and was asked to look after the project, a role which I was thrilled to take on. Since then, we have greatly changed, developed and expanded our school garden.

Mrs Armstrong working with Year 5 pupils to prepare vegetable beds. These boys loved this digging activity.

This year we are focusing on fruit growing and are planting a grape vine. We already have several fruit trees, and a large strawberry and raspberry bed. We are also fundraising this year, with the hope of getting enough money to buy a bigger and newer greenhouse! We’d like to encourage more wildlife into the garden and the children have been very bust making bug houses, hedgehog hideouts and growing lots of perennial flowers!

The garden is used by all teachers across the school throughout the curriculum. Most days there is a class using the garden for learning and the children love it. As a school we are very proud of our garden and we are always thinking about how it can be even better.

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