July Gardening Tips

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Guy gardener in garden gloves puts the pots with seedlings in the white wooden box on the table and a girl prunes plants in the wonderful nursery-garden on a sunny day. .

Get ahead of the game for July and get planning for your garden. Here are our July Gardening Tips for you and your garden.

Love your Lawn

Make sure you keep regularly mowing your lawn, consider raising the cutting height to keep the grass a bit longer during dry weather. Water it in the early mornings or evenings to keep it as green as possible. Remember not to panic if you think your grass looks dry or yellow after a couple of days of no rain. It will green up after a drop of rain.

A gardener is deadheading roses, spent or withered flowers using pruning shear to encourage further blooms in summer.


Border and bedding plants will benefit when you keep on top of your dead heading. For a summer second round of flowering, tidy up your deadheads in early July, shrubs such as roses will really benefit from a trim.

Sow your summer seeds

Take a look at our Cultivation Street Veg Planting Calendar, have you got everything you need ready for your July sowing? Don’t think it’s too late to be growing, veg such as cabbage, fennel, carrots, and runner beans can still be planted.

gardening, planting at home. man sowing seeds in germination box
leaves of roses infected by blackspot fungus. Roses disease

Beware of blackspot

Blackspot is a very common disease in roses. It becomes visible in July and August and can grow and spread quite rapidly. There are several chemical and non-chemical treatments if your roses were to show signs of the disease. Catch it quickly to prevent serious damage to your plant.

Feeding time

By July we have normally had a nice bout of hot weather, so just check up on your plants. Make sure they’re fed and well-watered. Ensure you’re watering at the right times of the day, and that you’re feeding your veg at least once a week. Go to the Love Your Garden website to see their range of plant feeds.

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