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Our Garden Centre Ambassadors have a wealth of knowledge and ideas. They understand first-hand the needs of schools and community gardens and can tailor their advice to this. Our Plant of the Month is written by our 2018 Cultivation Street Ambassador of the Year winner Steve Purton from Dobbies in Milton Keynes. Steve has a wealth of experience advising and supporting his communities and you can read more about Steve and the amazing work he does HERE>>


These plants have beautiful spring colours which will come up year after year. Use a mixture of varieties with different blooming dates to prolong the colour in your garden.

Cultivation Street Plant of the month Daffodils
Cultivation Street Plant of the month Daffodils deadheading


When your daffodils are fading, pinch away the flowers. This process, known as ‘deadheading’ makes sure all the plant’s energy is used for next year’s blooms.

Special care

Don't cut the leaves until they’ve gone yellow. The leaves are used to create energy for next year’s flowers so don’t cut them too early.

Cultivation Street Plant of the month Daffodils cutting yellow leaves
Cultivation Street Plant of the month Daffodils cut flowers

Cut flowers

Enjoy your daffodils inside but they should be kept in a vase by themselves as they wilt other cut flowers. If you want to combine them, make sure you put them in a separate vase to begin with. After thirty minutes, change the water.

Cultivation Street Plant of the Month Daffodils Pinterest Pin tips and advice on caring for enjoying Daffodils

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