Plant your own Butterfly Garden

Monarch butterfly feeding on purple aster flower in summer floral background. Monarch butterflies in autumn blooming asters.

There’s something extremely peaceful about watching a butterfly fluttering around your flowers. With their colourful wings and so many different types to spot, why wouldn’t you want to attract them into your garden? We have four of the best plants for pollinators for you to plant to start your own butterfly haven.


These plants are a popular choice in butterfly farms and houses. Butterflies like plants with dome shaped flowers, so they can land safely and perch. This perennial and its zesty fragrance is a perfect addition to you borders, hanging baskets or containers.

Monarch Butterfly Feeding on Lantana Flowers Close-up Of Butterfly On Buddleia


This easy grow plant is often nicknamed the ‘butterfly bush’. It requires little to no maintenance and flowers from spring to autumn. Its flowers are the perfect shape to allow butterflies to land and enjoy their nectar-rich flowers.


This strong scented plant is well known for its ability to attract bees, but butterflies also love it. This plant is great if you are looking to attract butterflies to a smaller space as it also thrives in a window box or container, as long as it’s well drained.

white butterfly on a lavender field flower A colorful butterfly, the Painted Lady, extracts the nectar from a purple flower of the Erysimum Bowles Mauve with a beautiful bokeh background

Bowles Mauve

This bushy perennial wallflower is a popular choice for attracting insects. Its long flowering life from March to November means you don’t miss out on anything. It’s beautiful blooms can grow to around 2 and a half feet tall and it loves the sun so can be placed in any sunny spot in your garden.

We love seeing what your School or Community gardens are doing for you local wildlife. Tell us and enter your gardens in Cultivation Street 2020.

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