Show stopper blooms for your garden

Beautiful flowers of hydrangeas in a Brittany garden. France

If right now you’re looking to add some strong statement pieces to your garden, these four shrubs and ericaceous plants are great additions to any garden. They can grow large and colourful and are perfect if you are looking to fill larger spaces.


This gorgeous brightly coloured plant is a real eye catcher. It comes in an array of bright colours and can be grown in the ground or in containers. There are several types of azaleas available to purchase for your garden. If you are looking for a larger plant, we recommend the evergreen azalea, which grows up to 80cm in 10 years and they keep their leaves in the winter.

Rhododendron garden with wooden bench. Bright red Rhododendron in bloom in Gibsons, BC, Canada


Similar to the azalea, rhododendrons bring some striking structure to your garden. The funnel shaped flowers come in shades ranging from bright white to a deeper purple. With some reaching up to 6ft tall, a rhododendron really brings that show-stopping feel to your garden.


With its incredible flower heads, hydrangeas hold a sort of irresistible charm to any garden. They are pretty hard to ignore with their stunning colours; some shrubs even grow an array of colours on the same plant. The size can differ depending on the variety, some can be as small as 3ft tall, and some range up to 15ft tall, so it all depends on how big you’d like your shrub.

Hydrangea is pink, blue, lilac, violet, purple flowers are blooming in spring and summer at sunset in town garden.


Growing large shrubs and plants isn’t an ‘easy grow’ option. Maintaining them and making sure they come back just as striking as ever every year takes work, so make sure you look into how to maintain and take care of your ‘show-stopper’ pieces in your garden.

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