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Sow Your Own


Organic basil plant in the basket on the wooden table

We know it’s cold outside, so why not start some of your planting indoors now? Basil is a great herb to start on your windowsill. Find some small to medium size pots and fill the bottom half with compost. Plant the seeds half a centimetre deep from the top of the compost. Make sure there’s plenty of drainage and that the pots are placed on a windowsill that is warm and gets good light. Basil doesn’t grow well with overly wet soil so make sure you water sparingly.

Fresh green basil in olive mortar with pestle, vintage wooden background, rustic style, selective focus

When the seedlings have grown enough be handled individually, plant them up into separate pots. To move them outdoors you’ll need to acclimatise them to the change in temperature, so it’s ideal to stand them in a sheltered spot for a few hours in the day, bringing them back in through the night and gradually allowing them to stay outside for longer.

Then, you’re well on your way to having fresh basil for your meals!

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