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Sow Your Own


Red chili peppers on the tree in garden.

If you like a bit of spice in your life, now is a great time to start growing chillies. These hot additions to your plate are great to grow inside, in a greenhouse or on your windowsill. Get a medium sized pot and fill it with compost, leaving around an inch at the top. Level the surface and space a few seeds across the top of the compost. Sprinkle a layer of compost over it and leave the seeds to germinate.

Bird's eye chili grow in the garden.

The hotter the chilli, the longer it will take to grow. So, if you like your chillies hot, get sowing now. Depending on the heat, the chillies can germinate between 2 and 5 weeks. Once a few leaves have formed you can take each seedling and plant them up into separate containers. When they’re in individual pots, feed and water well until the chillies are ready to harvest.

Then enjoy the heat on your next salad or in your next spicy dish.

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