Sow Your Own – Tomatoes

Sow Your Own


Delicious red tomatoes in Summer tray market agriculture farm full of organic. Fresh tomatoes, It can be used as background

An all-time favourite to grow, it’s time to sow your tomatoes. Now, there are two types of tomato plants, bush varieties which don’t require staking or support and can be grow in hanging baskets, or cordon varieties which grow tall. Cordon varieties do require support, either a bamboo stick in the container, or sowing them against a terraced wall is ideal.

If you are growing tomatoes for the first time, bush tomatoes are a good place to start because they don’t need staking and pinching out of sideshoots, so they’ll be lower maintenance than cordon types.

Organic ripe tomato cluster in a greenhouse

Sow the seeds in small pots indoors using a propagator, or you can place the pots in a plastic bag and place it on your windowsill. They’re best kept in a warmer climate around 18 degrees Celsius. It’s best to keep them in a warm place until early summer.

The seeds should be sown around 2cm deep into the pot or container and do well in a nutrient rich soil. Once the seeds have produced around 2 true leaves move the plants into larger pots.

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