Tips for March

Within our Cultivation Street network there are individuals with amazing knowledge both about gardening and running community gardens. They understand first-hand the needs of organisations and can tailor their advice to this. Our tips for the month is written by Cath from Welsh House Farm Green Grafters community gardening group. Cath not only has endless enthusiasm, but also a wealth of community experience and horticulture qualifications. You can read more about Cath and the amazing work she does HERE>>


As it's the right time of year to be thinking about and start planting potatoes, why not challenge yourselves and your groups to come up with the most creative way to grow them?

There are lots of types of containers that can be recycled into use to grow spuds. I have previously had success with tyres, compost bags, buckets, and old kitchen bins. This as well as the more standard methods in the ground and bespoke potato planters!

Welsh House Farm Green Grafters planting in recyled tyres for their Cultivation Street garden

If capacity at your garden site is limited throughout the week, think about starting seeds off at home, work or elsewhere where they can regularly monitored and watered.

And if space is limited, if each person looks after just one or two plants or seed trays on a windowsill, the plants should soon stack up.

Sowing seeds in greenhouses or on windowsills


Allens Cross Community Garden bug hotel

Looking to the wider environment and your local areas, think about joining in with the Great British Spring Clean between the 22nd March and 23rd March. Either set up and host a clean-up, or join in with one happening near you.

Whilst on the subject of spring cleaning, it is also a good time to check out your bug hotels to see if they need any replenishing following the winter. Perhaps save the off-cuts from spring shrub pruning to rejuvenate the dry materials.

Planning ahead

If you have any new areas to develop this year, or are thinking of changing any parts of your garden, then measure up and take photos of the area. This is in order to draw / work on / build creative plans. This can be done either as an indoor or outdoor group activity depending on the weather.

Welsh House Farm Green Grafters garden planning
Cultivation Street tips for the month of March, plans for you and your garden in March including sowing seeds, planting potatoes, planning & spring cleaning your bug hotel

If this story has inspired you to become part of the Cultivation Street campaign, join now to take your community gardening project to the next level.


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