Vegetable pairs game | Activity

headder image vegetable pairs

Learn the names of vegetables you can grow in your garden while having fun!

Download our work sheet then follow the simple steps below to make your very own vegetable pairs game!

You Will Need

  • Two printed vegetable game sheets
  • Colouring pens and pencils
  • Two sheets of plain card
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
printed sheets

Step 1

Print two of the vegetable pairs game work sheets.

1 Colour in

Step 2

Use your marker or coloured pencil to colour in the images.

2 Cut out block

Step 3

Cut round the outside of the vegetable artwork using the dotted lines.

3 Stick block on to card

Step 4

Apply glue to the back of the vegetable artwork.

4 Stick block on to card

Step 5

Stick the coloured vegetable artwork on to the card.

5 Cut out cards

Step 6

Cut along the remaining dotted lines to create individual playing cards.

pairs game

Step 7

To Play:
- Place the cards face down
- Take it in turns to turn over two cards
- If they match, keep them
- If they don't match turn them back over
- Game over when all cards are matched
- The player with the most pairs is the WINNER!

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