Front Garden Guide – Hiding your wheelie bin

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Wheelie bins are a necessity for the daily task of sorting our household rubbish and recycling. The wheelie bin has made the process of collecting our waste much safer. It offers protection from things like sharp objects or glass.

However, our wheelie bins can often be a hindrance for those of us. Especially, if we aren’t able to hide them away out of sight.

There are some clever tips and tricks to hiding your wheelie bin.

Here are a few suggestions.

Wheelie Bin Storage

A perfect way to blend your wheelie bin into your front garden is bin storage. These can provide an alternative neat and tidy option. Some types even allow you to incorporate plants, throughout. Also, you can have a space to hide any recycling boxes! It’s possible to build your own storage box. They can be brought from most garden or DIY stores. They'll sell a range of different storage options for your wheelie bin. There's lots of choice regarding size, materials and shapes.

Screens and Fencing

Low fencing is perfect for the front garden.  It will act as a screen to hide your wheelie bin. This is a great option, especially if you want a more natural look. Why not try experimenting with using bamboo or willow. They’ll pretty much do the same job as a fence, but it’s perhaps more appealing. Of course, this is also weather proof!

Green Screens

Camouflaging your wheelie bin is a great option. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to implement your green skills once more! Options like Hedging, vertical wall gardens and shrubs work well. Also, evergreens like Choisya or Escallonia are a beautiful alternative to disguising your unsightly bin! Privet hedging, for example, is ideal. This as it can be trimmed and sculpted to make a very neat green wall!


An excellent and decorative method to separate sections of your front garden. This will make for a designated spot to re-locate your wheelie bin. Clematis loves climbing and can easily be trained to grow along your trellis. it will hide any bins whilst looking very pretty. When flowering, clematis will enrich your garden with pinks, purples and shades of blue. Jasmine is also great for trellis and it gives off a beautiful sweet smell. This is fantastic for diminishing the unpleasant stench coming from your wheelie bin.

Pimp Your Wheelie Bin

Why not decorate your wheelie bin? It’s great fun for kids to be involved with. Use stickers or weatherproof vinyl’s to pimp your wheelie bin. Some types include various grasses or floral designs acting like a camouflage in your garden. Artificial grass or turf can be attached to the sides of your bin to blend it into your garden's background. A busy garden, full of foliage will ensure your wheelie bin is not the centre of attention.

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