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The Gazania, also known as the African daisy possess an eccentric mix of bright and bold hues. This perennial can give a pleasing pop of colour to any back garden.  A particularly eye-catching plant that has the amazing ability to close their flowers in dull weather, making them a chosen cultivar for the warmer months.


close up of gazania flower or african daisy in a garden
beauty full gazania  flowers in the garden

Where to plant

Like us, these flowers enjoy the sunshine and grow best in full sun. Plant in well-drained soil in late spring. Once fully grown, it can reach heights between 6 to 8 inches. These make for great patio and container plants, or plant in flower beds and borders alongside taller companions, such as coreopsis.


Special care

These are a popular low maintenance plant that don’t require much attention. However, regular deheading is advised to encourage them to bloom and reach their full potential! Simply cut the flower stem just beneath the healthy leaves to best prune your plant.

Gazania Flower field Gazania rigens macro shot
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