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Our Garden Centre Ambassadors have a wealth of knowledge and ideas. They understand first-hand the needs of schools and community gardens and can tailor their advice to this. Our Plant of the Month is written by our 2018 Cultivation Street Ambassador of the Year winner Steve Purton from Dobbies in Milton Keynes. Steve has a wealth of experience advising and supporting his communities and you can read more about Steve and the amazing work he does HERE>>


The humble Pansy gives a great display of colour. Pansy blooms are a beautiful selection of deep and striking tones and are an easy way to add colour to your garden.

These little flowers are surprisingly very hardy and will stand up to snow and frost.

Cultivation Street plant for May, the pansy, hardy enough to withstand some snow and frost
Cultivation Street plant for May, the pansy, happily planted in containers and hanging baskets

Where to plant

Pansy plants are ideal for containers and bright or partially shaded garden borders.

These can be readily found in your local garden centre but can also be grown from seed indoors during the tail-end of winter.

Special care

Pansies are easy to plant and care for so are a perfect plant for children or beginner gardeners to grow.

Pansies like to be well watered and if you keep dead heading regularly the flowers will come back for months.

Cultivation Street plant for May, the pansy, available in a stunning range of vibrant colours
Cultivation Street plant of the month of May, pansies, enjoying and caring for your pansy plants

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