Plant for October | Michaelmas Daisies

Michaelmas Daisies

Add a last burst of colour to your garden before winter sets in with the Michaelmas daisy. Coming in many different varieties, colours and sizes, they are most known for their star shaped purple petals encompassing a golden yellow head in the centre.

Bee on Michaelmas daisy
Purple flowers of Italian Asters, Michaelmas Daisy (Aster Amellus), known as Italian Starwort, Fall Aster, violet blossom growing in garden, Italy. Soft focus

Where to plant

These look fantastic planted alongside ornamental grasses that help to offset their fabulous foliage. Plant in moist well drained soil, in a sunny setting. The flower favours alkaline soil. Growing in clusters, they create a beautiful display of vibrant violet colour that look stunning in flower beds and borders, lining your garden edge in a carpet of colour.

Special care

To avoid any risk of root rot, plant with added mulch a few inches from the base as this will keep the soil nice and moist. Give a quick soaking when soil becomes dry, avoiding the plants foliage. This Autumn flowering perennial will keep pollinators happy during the winter months and make for great cut flowers too!

Michaelmas daisy flower - close up.

Autumn Colouring Page

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