Snowdrops – Plant of the Week

Plant of the Week


white snowdrop flowers in spring

Snowdrops are the staple flower for any winter garden. If you planted yours in the spring, now is the time you will start to see their beautiful white flowers blooming. These low maintenance plants are the sign that spring is on its way, with no requirements for pruning, just simply allow the petals to die back naturally.

Snowdrops spring flower

There are many varieties  available, each with a significant difference. Whether it is the flower size, markings, colour or number of petals. For example, Galanthus woronowii is a compact plant with a green hoof-like marking on some of the petals. Whilst Galanthus ‘Primrose Warburg’ has the recognisable snowdrop flowers but with yellow markings rather than green.

Snowdrops in a devon hedge row

Tips for growing snowdrops: Consider growing snowdrops at the front of your borders where your herbaceous plants can give cover when they are dormant. For more colour, plant them among other flowers. They like well drained soil in light shade, and they also do well in pots. If you were to use snowdrops in your containers, they will need re potting annually.

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