Wind: Recovering your garden after Strong Winds

Wildes Chaos im Schrebergarten

That spring weather is well and truly here. One minute it’s hot and the next there is a chill in the air, then the wind and rain comes, so what do we do when faced with everchanging weather? After this week, the weather is due to perk up, so we want to help you recover your garden after the strong winds we’ve had.

Clean up

To state the obvious, clear up any of the lost flower heads, scattered leaves, or spilled pots. Assess the damage to any plants or veggies and see what you’ll need to do. Don’t panic if some look pretty beaten, because now is the perfect time to flourish and recover

Seasonal raking of leaves in the garden. Concept of cleaning and caring for the garden. Man rakes withered and colorful leaves in the garden. Autumn cleaning before winter, spring cleaning garden.


For shrubs and bushes that have become damaged, simply cut the snapped or damaged branches back to the trunk. They will grow back, so treat it like you’re pruning them, we know it’s disconcerting but it’s the best thing to do.

Potted plants

If any of your potted plants have been turned over by the strong winds, check the status of the pot or planted. If it’s broken, it can be repotted, or if they have just been blown over, check the plant itself for any damage, and then put back safely in its container in a sheltered spot. Maybe add some fresh soil if it lost any in the storm. It’s useful to gather container plants together when there are strong winds to keep them protected and sturdy.

Outdoor garden bench with pepper plants and soil spilling from clay pottery in front of a stand of hollyhock plants. Extreme shallow depth of field with selective focus on tipped over pot.
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Your climbers may have come loose so check all your support systems. Hopefully, there isn’t much damage but like your shrubs and trees they may need a good prune if there are snapped branches. Obviously if any of your canes are snapped, they’ll need replacing too.

Keep calm

Like we said, don’t panic if the winds are picking up, and you can see your garden being blown about. If you are really worried, keep an eye on the weather and if you can see predications of strong winds or a storm coming. Then consider any precautionary measures such as a windbreak or moving pots and containers inside.

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