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Top 10 Fundraising ideas…

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Fundraising can be so much fun and is a fantastic way to help raise a little extra cash to develop and support your garden project. There's tons of fantastic ideas out there, however it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here's Cultivation Street's top 10 fundraising picks to help you get started:

Host a coffee morning

Coffee, tea, biscuits and cakes make up a great coffee morning! What could be a better way than to share a cuppa and socialise with your neighbours, friends and family.

Step 1. Choose a date and select a location. Remember to secure a date that doesn’t clash with any events in your community. Make it personal, hold your coffee morning at home or even in the garden as long as the sun shines!

Step 2. Spread the word! Advertise your coffee morning using flyers, posters even on social media and invite neighbours, friends and family.

Step 3. Help with fundraising. Add some extra activities to your day like a bring and buy sale, ask around for people to donate sell-able items.

Open garden or garden fete

Come on in! If you’re a keen gardener why not give yourself the chance to show off your fantastic work and what a great way to socialise with friends and neighbours. Hold an open garden or fete and charge people a small fee on entrance.

Step 1. Choose a date and spread the word. Put posters or flyers around your local area and in shop windows. Use your social media pages to advertise too!

Step 2. ACTIVITIES! Why not incorporate some extra activities into the day to raise a little extra cash. Something like a bake-athon! Who doesn’t love cake? Have a cake sale! Welly throwing! Great fun to get the kids involved, put your welly wanging skills to the test and see just how far those wellies will travel.

Host your very own Garden Olympics!

Step 3. Charge people a small fee on entry.

Hold a raffle

A raffle is a fantastic, simple activity to organise. You only need tickets, prizes and a volunteer to be in charge.

Step 1.  Get prizes. Ask friends, family and even local businesses to donate prizes.

Step 2. Tickets! Raffle tickets are easy to get hold of from many stationary and even some pound shops, making them very cheap.

Step 3. Spread the word to your community and advertise your raffle.

Sponsor me!

Step 1. Choose your activity. Walk, run, swim or even dance. There are even some crazy or inventive activities like extreme sports, custard boots or a haircut!

Step 2. Collect sponsors. Sponsor forms can be downloaded online, encourage as many people to sponsor your chosen activity. Encourage more people to join in to gain more sponsorship's.

Step 3. Activity time! Carry out your chosen goings-on, make sure there is someone capturing the moment for proof! Finally collect your sponsors and money.

Quiz night!

Step 1. Choose a date and location. Perhaps you want to hold it a home, in the garden, at a local community hall or even down the pub!

Step 2. Question time, come up with 3, 5, or 10 rounds of questions which can easily be found online. Don’t forget to nominate a ‘quiz master’ who will be charge.

Step 3. Get into teams and choose a team name. Don’t forget to ask around for prize donations for the winning group! You'll 'rake' in support!

Non-uniform day

If you are raising money for your school garden, a non-uniform day is brilliant. Kids absolutely love a dress down day at school and what a perfect way of raising a little money to put back into your garden.

Step 1. Select a day and you could even choose a theme.

Step 2. Shout about it! Make sure all the children know about it and are prepared.

Step 3. Charge a small fee on the day to everyone who dresses down.

Car booting

What could be a better way than to get together with your community and sell any old or unwanted items to raise a bit of extra cash?

Step 1. Collect goods! Start gathering items, even things like your old garden tools, extra veg or even seeds.

Step 2. Choose a date and a car boot to join in with. Remember to pay for your spot and get there early to secure a great one.

Step 3. Sell, sell, and sell!

Business Sponsors

Businesses love to get behind and support fantastic local projects to help them develop.

Step 1. Put together a clear persuasive pitch about your garden project. Make sure you include what you’re doing and how you are helping or benefitting others and the community.

Step 2. Nominate a spokesperson, perhaps with an extra helping hand to go along for support.

Step 3. Visit local businesses no matter the size of their company.

Charity car wash

A charity car wash is a great way to raise funds and awareness for any school or garden project, whilst having fun!

Step 1. Choose a date and time. Good weather is always works best as people won't want to get their cars washed on wet days. Weekends are especially good!

Step 2. Find a location, car park can be good. Ensure your location is based near a busy road. Determine a price, around £5-7 is a fair amount. Make sure prior to your event that you are near a water and electricity source.

Step 3. Create signs and posters, include things like the price and say why you’re raising money as people will be more willing to part with their cash when they know it’s going to a good cause. Spread the word easily on social media and finally, wash some cars!

Bag Packing

Bag packing in a local supermarket can be a really easy and fun way to raise money and spread the word about your garden project.

Step 1. Think about the supermarkets that you would benefit from the most. The bigger the supermarket the better as there will be more checkouts for you to use.

Step 2. Get permission first. Organise this with the shop manager and choose a day that suits everyone.

Step 3. Get a team of packers together and head to the supermarket. Make sure you have someone covering each aisle for maximum impact. Be green, don't forget your bags!

When planning any fundraising events, be sure to tell Cultivation Street on Twitter and Facebook and we'll be thrilled to help promote what you're doing. So what are you waiting for... GET FUNDRAISING!

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