Get to Know Your Local Garden Centre

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- Get to Know Your Local Garden Centre -

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Your local garden centre isn't just a place to get seeds and plants and compost.

There's plenty on offer at garden centres, from top tips to bargain corners, all designed to help you get the most out of your garden. Don't forget, your local garden centre can be a hub for knowledge and information. It is full of like-minded individuals who want to encourage you to garden.

So, with that in mind, here's what you should know about your local garden centre.

A Helping Hand

Many garden centres run workshops and events, where they share tips and expertise to help with growing your garden.

There is a place where you can get a helping hand for any questions you have in your garden.

Its the best place to go for tips and tricks, as well as advice and encouragment if you're ever not sure.

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Whether you need tips on what to grow at this time of year, or the best practice for feeding certain vegetables for the best crops.


Get to know what your garden centre skills. This may seem obvious, but some garden centres will have different stock to others, depending on their size.

Find out what plants are on offer throughout the year, and find out if there's a a bargain corner or section anywhere for you to grab a cheap plant or two to use in the garden.

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Its a great way to find out what's popular and what's in flower, without spending a fortune.

Tools and Equipment

Of course, garden centres don't just sell plants and composts. They're also a great place to get tools and equipment.

Whether you're looking for the right tools and equipment to get you and your garden started, or to upgrade the ones you have - your local garden centre is the place to go.

They'll have a range of tools on offer.

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They're are plenty of tools to suit any budget, and loads of advice on what best suits your garden. Checking out in store will help you decide the best products.


After a hard day shopping, you'll want to visit the garden centre if they have one for a nice warm cup of tea or coffee.

Who doesn't like a nice cup of tea? There might even be a slice of cake too.

if it's cold or wet outside, this can be a great place to get together.

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You can also congregate here for planning and team meetings.

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Sounds Good, Doesn't it?


The Garden Centre Ambassadors for Cultivation Street are all incredibly inspirational, devoting time to helping out local school and community gardens and using their own time to offer support. Here is a handy tool to find a Garden Centre Ambassador near you.

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