Your S.U.N.D.A.Y garden

With a lot of our gardeners being volunteers we know that a lot of the gardening is done at the weekend. So, this is how you can garden efficiently over a short space of time to make the most of your garden.


Slow it down

Take your time! It might feel like you need to as much as possible in one day, but that's not the case! Plants, like vegetables, are amazing things. And lots of them don't need the urgent care or attention you might think.

If you're feeling overwhelmed in the garden, take stroll around. Breathe in the sights and smells, and identify what really needs to be done today. Then put all your other plants out of your mind for the day. They'll survive!

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Use your time wisely

Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many tasks. Once you've taken your walk, and appreciated what your garden has to offer, set yourself some goals. This will help you to prioritise tasks. As well as giving you that fantastic sense of accomplishment when you've finished!

But it's really important to remember that gardening isn't just about being productive. It's about enjoying yourself. Gardening should bring you a sense of peace, power, and pride. It's your time to appreciate what you can do!

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Note things down

If you struggle to juggle your proiorties, we find jotting them down can help. Write down a list of what you need to do, what you'd like to do, and what can wait till next time.

This is always a great way of keeping a clear line of communication within communities. That way, people can see what you've done, and what they do and don't need to do themselves! It's a great way of releasing stress for everyone.

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Don't panic

If there has been a spell of bad weather whilst you been away, don't worry. It may not look great now, but plants are generally tolerant and built to bounce back quickly.

So, don't feel you need to run around deadheading or pruning straightaway. Instead, leave your garden be for a few more weeks. Give them some water, and check any support systems. And this is all they need to recover.

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As mentioned earlier, you might be working in a community environment. And it might be that you have a rota. Or that not every member is present at every given moment.

Lots of gardens keep in touch with social media, and group chats Whatsapp. Before you go, it's ideal to ask what was done in the last few days. This will prevent you over/under-watering and pruning.

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You time

Remember that this is time for you.

Gardening is a great way to clear your head, get your daily exercise, and enjoy spending time with nature. Whatever you do, make sure you leave the garden feeling refreshed and happy!

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