Summer Weeding

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Plant weeds between paving tiles

Weeds are a common problem all year round, but after a bout of hot weather then some rain, they seem to sprout up out of nowhere. Our guide to summer weeding will help you pick the best time and techniques to get your garden weed free.

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Pull them

Pulling weeds is fine if you get the roots up. Obviously, some are more stubborn than others so you may need to dig around. But there are some weeds that can be pulled up easily by hand, roots, and all. The best time to do this is just after its rained because the ground is soft, and they will lift easily. Make sure you have a bag or area to put them on to once pulled, otherwise putting them straight on the ground may cause seed to spread.

mulching garden conifer bed with pine tree bark mulch


Mulching has so many benefits in the summer. It keeps your soil cool, retains moisture, and deprives weeds of the light they need to grow. If you’ve recently spent a lot of time pulling up weeds from your beds or borders, don’t let all your hard work go to waste, put down some mulch and keep those weeds at bay.

Woman hand clearing, pulling out some weed form her garden, using garden equipment

Mind the gap

When it comes to filling your borders, don’t leave too many gaps between plants. Open spaces in borders are a great place for weed seeds to get the best amount of sun to germinate and ruin your display. When plants are close together and create shade on the soil, the weeds won’t get enough sunlight to sprout.

Spraying weeds in the garden

Only water your plants 

When watering your borders, don’t be too generous with the water. Water specific plants rather than watering the whole border and bare soil. Watering empty spaces where there may be weed seed will encourage growth – which you want to avoid!

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